Author(s): Goris R


Chinese medicine has gone through many stages of development. It is since the Qing dynasty that there was a systematic rejection of historical progress, and during the nationalist and cultural revolution an outright attempt to destroy it. After which a renewal took place, not so much a restoration but a re-invention. In the period of developing neo-Confucianism in late Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, a moral discussion developed on how the public should take care of individual health, and how the state could support that progress in the light of Confucian moral philosophy. Zhang Sanfeng as a historian did write a letter to the emperor with his suggestions elucidating some causes of lack of health in society and what can be offered to alter that. In this lecture I will point out some aspects that might fit into the current insurance rule based healthcare model, and how I applied these ideas in the development of the Daoland Healthcare program. The lecture will look at Anthropological findings, History, regulation, commerce, entrepreneurialism, communalism, mutualism from a Neo confucian/ daoist health oriented perspective.

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