Lipo Laser of the Chin a Retrospective Study of 5years of Treatment with a 1074 Diode Laser

Author(s): Piero Crabai


Neck remodelling is a challenge to the aesthetic plastic surgeon. Whatever the technique used, the analysis of the defect is the cornerstone of optimal outcomes. Undoubtedly, analysis depends on understanding of underlying anatomy and the clinical implications that anatomy has for neck ageing or congenital deformities. Current concepts of the anatomy of the neck reveal that subcutaneous fat compartments and changes over time, in addiction of atrophic skin play a significant role in ageing or congenital neck deformities. Mainly there are three causes of neck deformity. 1) Dehiscence or laxity of the mandibular septum and platisma muscle, 2) Excess of fat even in young people that can expand the skin creating jowl and neck fat redundancy. 3) Atrophy of tissues of the neck can change the neck profile giving more evidence of accumulation of the fat. In mild and medium defect is possible to treat those deformities with liposuction associate to an Endo-laser that not only reduce the amount of fat but is effective on atrophic skin. From January 2017 to March 2021, 127 neck lipolaser have been performed, in which the successful result it has been determined from the right indication and the effectiveness of the laser machine. The patients has been examined and divided in three Groups 1) congenital/ overweight neck deformities (young people) 2) congenital/ overweight and ageing skin with mild atrophy of the skin 3) laxity of the muscle and severe atrophy of the skin The indication for the treatment it has been given mainly for Group 1 and 2 The machine used is a diode laser 1479 nanometers wavelength (FORZA LASER - DERMAQUAL PARIS -). To reach the result it has been necessary just one treatment in local anaesthesia or light sedation..

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