Integrated essential oil solutions to heal the whole body,mind and hearts

Author(s): Michael Scholes


Paracelsus stated that poison is in everything, and nothing is without poison. If you know your poison, you will find your remedy and create your cure and the dosage make it either a poison or a remedy. In nature, there is an anecdote for every man-made condition and symptom as well as a solution to the source of all suffering. Within nature you will find essential oils, a solution to all imbalances. They are the most concentrated of all healing modalities and are derived from over 600 plants globally. Each plant has a signature, chemistry, historical significance and blends well with other essential oils to address multiple symptoms and complex diseases of the body, mind and spirit. The remedy is to combine the most compatible essential oils, that align with the energy anatomy of the individual, not the condition, and to restore balance through inhalation, application and through a conversation with you in order to connect one’s internal dialogue in healing. In this presentation you will learn how to use essential oils, through single notes and complex alchemical formulations. This is on order to let go, wake up, re-connect and to allow aromatic molecules to repair the physical, balance the emotional, focus the mind, heal the heart, invigorate the energetic and find the essence or spirit within.

Learning Objectives

1. To see beyond essential oils and feel nature through the wisdom of aromatic plants. 2. How essential oils affect every part of the human condition and work simultaneously on all our systems. 3. How essential oils affect the brain, from the sense of smell to the affect on our immune system, our endocrine system, the way we think, our heart and our inner knowing.

Treatment Solutions

Through multi-spectrum therapeutic applications that combine massage, the sense of smell and healing touch using several blends and single notes applied simultaneously to the whole body as well as the systems, meridians and subtle energy pathways. The result is a more integrated healing experience that connects every part of the individual, restoring balance and the ability to feel something.

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