How to Maximize Clinical Effectiveness and Safety with High Intensity Micro-Focused Ultrasound for Face and Neck Lifting

Author(s): Sanjay Azad


Introduction: Recent studies have shown autologous collagen regeneration, efficacy on face and neck lifting and safety of transcutaneous micro- focused ultrasound procedures. Despite this, guidelines on clinical indications and technical aspects such as the proper number of energy spots to be delivered to the patients are lacking. For this reason, I set up a clinical protocol to maximize clinical effectiveness and safety. Materials and Methods: I treated 925 women with a mean age of 51,3 years (range 33 – 64 years) in my cosmetic medical center in Milan (Italy), which presented soft to severe skin ptosis of the face according to APSS (Araco Ptosis Scale System). They received and average of 1.060 spots of micro-focused ultrasound as sole treatment. I assessed patients with digital photographs, anthera skin analysis and 3d reconstructions with VectraH2. Result: All patients completed the follow-up after 12 months and no major side effects were reported and good results were recorded. Conclusion: My protocol of treatment proved that high intensity micro-focused ultrasound micro-focused ultrasound is a safe and effective treatment for face and neck lifting.

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