Ayurveda and nutrition

Author(s): Sreelakshmy Changath


Nutrition is meant by supplying or receiving nourishment. The Close relationship between food, life and health has been amply stressed in the Indian Vedic texts. Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing believes nutrition is very foundation of life. Fundamentally Ayurveda perceives that nutrition of body based on three pillars of life which are Aahara (food), Nidra (Sleep) and Brahmacharya (Moral code of life) among which Food hold the major stake in body nutrition. The nutritional requirements are variable from individual to individual and depend on different seasons too. The Science has described specific guidelines for optimum nutrition as per age and stage even in healthy individuals. Nutrition considerations are important component of disease management. Ayurveda discusses the role of food and specifies elaborate dietary management of several diseases.

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