Adipokine profile in hypertrophic breasts

Author(s): Quratulain Fatima Masood


Background: The aim of the study was to reveal the pattern of adipokine production in normal versus hypertrophic breast tissue, using protein
micro arrays. The hypothesis proposed was a differential expression of adipokines in normal verses hypertrophic breast tissue.
Material and Methods: Twenty one surgical breast tissue samples were taken and frozen immediately after excision. Two samples were taken
from normal female breasts and one from a normal male breast. Fifteen samples from macro mastic, and three samples from gynaecomastic
breasts, were taken during various breast reduction procedures. The proteins in the surgical tissue samples were extracted and analyzed using
protein micro arrays.
Results: Protein assays from representative samples showed striking similarities. The expression of protein molecules in macromastic and gyneacomastic
breasts, when compared to normal female & male representative assays, showed similar results.
Conclusion: Adipose tissue and capillary endothelial tissues have an active interplay of paracrine and autocrine dynamics. Adipose tissue development
requires constant vascular remodeling and multiple angiogenic molecules produced in adipose tissue may contribute to the complex
regulation of adipogenesis.

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